Meet Dr Robert Sharpe

Robert is a Chartered Psychologist who pioneered research into stress management, particularly relaxation techniques and cognitive behavioural training, during his PhD and subsequent research in the 1980s. Since then, he has gained an international reputation in the fields of Interpersonal Effectiveness Training, Motivation and Self Esteem Building and Pressure Management.

Where’s he been?

His content and style of delivery have often attracted media interest, with frequent radio and television appearances. These culminated in an ITV five-programme series – ‘LIFESKILLS’ – which was created out of the comprehensive series of audio training programmes that can now be found on this site.


His forty years of professional practice have included many training and mentoring courses in motivation building, stress management and self-assertiveness. As a result, he has developed specially tailored courses, on a group or individual basis, in order to meet the personal development requirements brought about by the ever-increasing pressure of private and business life.