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This course teaches study habits for the student at school, college and University levels. You will be able to learn time scheduling, work routines, term and year planning, note planning, ideograms (fact and concept diagrams), rapid reading, good sleeping habits, dealing with backlogs and self-motivation. The powerful combination of cognitive behavioural training (CBT) techniques contained in this course will help you to lay a solid foundation for using your lessons, lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical assignments and group discussions to full effect and benefit.

From time management and work routine advice, you will be shown how to organise your study, revision and assignments efficiently so that you leave time also for yourself – hobbies, social life and day-to-day living. You will learn how to set up a running order of your subjects and tasks that makes dealing with the less attractive work easier. You will be shown how to make notes in a way that makes revision more efficient when exam time comes round. Ideograms – a way of getting course modules to integrate into an “overall picture” – are described for you to use to help you organise your course units more interestingly.

The sections on rapid reading and dealing with work backlogs focus on cutting through large amounts of reading and writing work that can become log-jammed with the result that they tend to be avoided and ignored. Keeping your motivation up while dealing with such pressure points is very important and you are given advice on how to stay upbeat with your workload.

This cognitive behavioural training (CBT) course in study techniques is a must for students at all levels.

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