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Control Your Tension!

This is the specialised CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) course for tension, anxiety, panic and phobia sufferers to learn the techniques of ‘tension dumping’ as an anxiety management technique. The original foundation course ‘Relax – and Enjoy It!’ should be used and thoroughly mastered first, as ‘Control Your Tension!’ builds up on these foundation techniques and develops them into a CBT skill. Use of the two courses in this way enables you to build up the skills of tension dumping and anxiety management for use in phobic or stressful situations. This then leads to a pattern of stress resiliency that you can use in everyday life.

Tension, anxiety, panic and phobic reactions are a severe drain on the body’s energy levels as well the mind’s capacity to focus properly on work, family, social life or sport. The natural enjoyment associated with these activities can be undermined and eroded significantly by high levels of background stress symptoms and, eventually, motivation and mood state can suffer. Here is where CBT can be of great value.

In this course, you can learn how to respond to stress or anxiety triggers by replacing an anxiety response with a more appropriate behaviour pattern aimed at controlling the situation and working out a solution. You can learn how to channel tension, anxiety and other stress reactions into a manageable form and then “dump” them, using differential relaxation methods and cognitive (thinking) techniques. This course is an example of CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy that you can learn as a basis for stress management.

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