Relax – and Enjoy It!




This is a complete programme of deep, quick and differential relaxation training that will enable you to use relaxation skills whether you are lying, sitting, standing or moving around. In itself, this course has brought major benefits to thousands of users by enabling them to remain calm and to keep daily stress and tension under control. It is also a foundation course for several other programmes and should always be practised first if you are intending to use these other courses. “Relax – and Enjoy It!” is a UK-wide standard that has been recommended by psychologists, doctors, therapists, counsellors and hospitals for the last 40 years and has been used as the “standard” against which to assess other stress management techniques in scientific research. The course has undergone updates as new research gives rise to improvements in practical implementation and remains the longest-running UK professional standard available.

You will learn how to create for yourself a state of deep muscle relaxation through a structured and guided sequence of exercises that are made easy and enjoyable for you to follow. In this state of deep relaxation, you can learn how to create relaxation “buffers” so that daily stresses, anxieties or phobias are dissipated and do not build up to create distress. You can also learn how to use guided imagery – a cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) technique – to “desensitise” yourself to situations that make you feel anxious or phobic and reduce their distressing effect on you.

You will also learn how to switch on the relaxation response quickly for use in situations where you are suddenly faced with stress or anxiety responses. In addition, you will learn how to switch on the relaxation response even while moving around and carrying out your daily routine. With practice, you will be able to use this powerful anti-anxiety and stress management technique whenever the need arises and wherever you are.