Sleep Well!




This course is for insomnia and fragmented sleep sufferers to learn ‘sleep hygiene’ techniques designed to aid normal, recuperative sleep patterns. Although not essential, it is useful to practise the relaxation techniques taught in ‘Relax – and Enjoy It!’ in conjunction with this programme. With this course, you will benefit from a powerful combination of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) techniques and advice that are aimed at teaching you how to prepare for good, restful sleep.

Sleep is not something that you can “make happen”. In fact, the more you “try to get to sleep”, the more you tend to become wakeful and frustrated. The secret is in how you prepare yourself for bed-time and the habits you develop before you go to bed and while you are there. You will be shown how to prepare in the best possible way so that the odds are stacked in favour of your going to sleep more easily and quickly after you retire. These cognitive behaviour therapy “sleep hygiene” techniques, practised regularly, will give you the basis for regular, recuperative sleep.

The course also contains sleep-friendly sounds, developed in the laboratory and specialised sound studios to induce psychological states conducive to sleeping well and readily. These sounds can be played while you are in bed, through speakers or headphones, to help put yourself into the right state to drift off to sleep. These sounds, together with the CBT sleep hygiene techniques, are a solid foundation for good nights’ sleep to come.