Think Thin!




This provides a comprehensive psychological approach to dieting and slimming. You will be taught techniques for improving self-image, learning ‘thin-eating’ behaviour, overcoming cravings, controlling ‘binge eating’, learning to say ‘no’ and remaining calm and relaxed whilst dieting. You will also learn twenty rules for developing alternatives to overeating.

One of the most common consequences of overweight is the lowering of self-esteem and self-image. This course teaches methods of counteracting this problem through the use of the powerful techniques of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). Self-esteem is something that it is possible to learn, just like any other behaviour and the “formula” for self-esteem is part of this programme.

Behavioural eating patterns are fundamentally important to get right if you want to achieve a balanced weight and attitude to eating. This course teaches you how to eat in a way that is consistent with maintaining a balanced weight and how to get rid of inappropriate eating patterns.

Dealing with binge cravings and learning how to resist temptation from others is fundamental to maintaining a good balance with your eating and your weight so that your progress can continue in the long term. Keeping a calm approach and attitude to weight control and becoming relaxed about your eating habits is all part of what this course teaches.

Using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques and methods, this course offers the opportunity to build a firm foundation for a balanced approach to weight and eating.