Pass That Exam!




For the same type of student as ‘Study Effectively!’, this course teaches you the examination techniques of preparing revision notes, memory training, exam paper analysis, choosing questions, time allocation, answer construction, dealing with ‘getting stuck’, relaxation and briefing skills for before the exam and debriefing skills for afterwards. It provides a powerful cognitive behavioural (CBT) programme for addressing most school or University exam situations.

Many people forget that being good at your subjects does not necessarily make you good at being examined for them. Exams do not happen very frequently for most people and, therefore, there is not much time to practise them. So it can be stressful to be in a situation where you have to present your knowledge in a short period of time and, to do it well, you have to treat the exam as something different from doing the subject you are studying.

Much of the success of doing exams well rests on preparation and practice. It is possible to practise for exams and, in fact, essential if you want to show yourself to your best. This CBT-based course takes you through key situations and gives you the opportunity to practise as you listen and learn, developing the key techniques ahead of the interview. Cognitive behaviour therapy is a powerful set of “thinking tools” that give you a new perspective on stressful or challenging situations and this course uses CBT in a highly practical and user-friendly way.