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Kick The Smoking Habit!

This course teaches techniques for controlling the smoking 'triggers' in the environment and the responses that the habitual smoker makes to those triggers. You are then shown how to benefit from the payoffs of stopping smoking, motivate yourself to stay on the programme, build up a new 'non-smoking' self-image, develop self-assertion in refusing cigarettes and overcome the craving for tobacco. This course combines several powerful techniques in a cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) programme for beating the smoking habit.

One of the main factors that maintain the smoking habit for most smokers is the time, place and activities that they carry out habitually to the accompaniment of a cigarette. This "stimulus control" is a powerful enemy in the fight to give up smoking, and this course teaches you how to spot the times and places where you are most vulnerable and where your will-power will be weakest. Once you understand how stimulus control often dictates your actions "automatically", you can begin to build resiliency to those temptations and weaken the power of the stimuli that produce them.

The psychological "addiction" to cigarette smoking often comes through "displacement" behaviour where the smoker gets out another cigarette in the absence of anything more interesting to do. You will learn how to spot those displacement activities and counteract them. This cognitive behavioural control (CBT) is a key building block in developing the "non-smoker" profile that this course teaches you.

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